Do Video

You want to reach your customers.

You want to let them know what you have to offer.

Video is a great way to do that!

It’s very easy for you to come down to the studio and sit in front of the camera. I can help you and guide you and we can shoot as many takes as you want and if it stinks we’ll cut that part out. You don’t have to be perfect it’s just good if you’re genuine.

You know your business better than anyone else. This is your chance to speak directly to your customer. You can tell them what you want them to know and we can sit you in front of something that makes sense, whether it’s on a job site, or in space or in front of flying unicorns.

The point is that you have the ability to reach your customer. You have the ability to tell them what makes your business special and why they should consider doing business with you. More importantly, all the content we put together is going to help your website because we’re going to add it to your Facebook page, we’re going to add it to any of the posts that we put on your site, we’re going to transcribe the audio so that when you get done you’ll be able to read it and search engines will pick it up etc. There’s a lot of benefits to using this format.

Come down to the studio. It’s not that big of a deal and it doesn’t have to be perfect. All we want to do is show your customers what working with you can be like.

This is Robert Brown from Lennis Design and I want you to lose the “guy you know” and call a pro.