Even when I lose, I win

rusty carMy dad has always been self-employed.  At least as long as I’ve been around (early 70’s) he’s been the “master of his own destiny”.  His business was auto salvage and when I was old enough I went to work with him.  One of the lessons he taught me was “Even when I lose, I win”. Now to most people that might sound a little bit strange, but for him it was just a way to remind me to always look for the bright side of things.

If you make a mistake, but you learn from it … you win.

If you have a problem with a customer, but in the end you take care of them and gain a more loyal customer … you win.

If life hands you lemons, you make lemonade (and then you guessed it … you win).

When I was older I realized that if you take this attitude you never really lose.  If you train yourself to look for the positive, most of the time you’ll find it.  You tend to find what you’re looking for.

Thanks for reading,

Robert L. Brown
(L is for Lennis)