It’s not just hosting

In the business community there is a saying – “Going cheap can be expensive.”
Poor Cable Management

I’ve been involved with internet development for over 25 years, and I’ve seen many different ways to approach the two sides of web design (creation/maintenance and uptime).  I’ve worked with hospitals, colleges, medical service providers and small businesses of every size and shape.

It’s easy for a customer to say they don’t want to pay for the best infrastructure, but when they experience a service interruption their attitude changes. Much like insurance, people want the best price until they have a claim and discover what they really gave up for that low price.

When it comes to your site, being up, staying up, and remaining up-to-date is priority number one for me. I know that any kind of downtime is detrimental to your business and ultimately, your wallet.

So when I’m working with a prospective client and they find out my hosting service is $40 a month versus the “other guys” who charge around $20, the typical response is, “I can get that a lot cheaper from XYZ hosting site!”

Maybe. But here’s the thing: What I offer you is more than just hosting.

It’s peace of mind — for you.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” You might have even said it a few times yourself to one of your friends or family members who haplessly purchased a product or service for a small amount, thinking they were getting the best deal, only to discover the product didn’t last as long as promised or the service plan covered only the basics and you had to upgrade for the rest.

So what makes the difference between choosing a cheap hosting site somewhere else versus choosing peace of mind with me?

Let’s break it down:

Do It Yourself / Budget Hosting

  • $20 per month or less in some cases
  • Self service is meant for technically proficient users
  • Most budget hosts used shared resources (ex. 100 websites on the same server), so if one of your neighbors gets hacked you might experience some downtime as well
  • When the host and developer aren’t the same company they tend to point fingers at each other when there is a problem
  • No Backup – if the site crashes, all of your work is lost
  • No Monitoring – if the site is down for weeks at a time you only know when you check on it (or when your customer sees you’re down)
  • You are taking your own chances

Managed Service

  • $40 per month for an all inclusive, turnkey service from an experienced local professional you have a real business relationship with.
  • With Lennis Design you have one person to call no matter what happens.  When there is a problem, it’s up to me to take care of it. No waiting on hold or walking through a script while a customer service rep wastes your time.
  • Dedicated Scalable Resources – Google Cloud has the ability to scale a single server instance from a single processor to 30, can create storage partitions as large as 65 terabytes of SSD/HDD, and can have up to 208 GB of RAM
  • Uptime Monitoring – to make sure your site is up, I maintain offsite monitoring that alerts me when an outage occurs.  I’ll be working on the problem before you even know it happened.
  • Security updates to the server and code managed monthly to keep the site up to date.
  • Backups included –  The site, database, graphical assets are all backed up to the server and offsite in your own personal Google Drive account automatically.
  • QA Testing after updates – anytime I make updates to the site, all of the functionality must be tested and verified before the maintenance window closes.

Having spent many nights sleeping at work (especially during hurricane season), there is no better choice available to me than to offer you the highest quality infrastructure available at a reasonable price. I take uptime very seriously and for that reason I’d say, “It’s not just hosting.”

If you want someone to care about your site being up, and staying up, as much as you do call me at (903) 309-0030 or click here to Contact Me.

Robert L. Brown