One hop

one hop

Did you know that it takes roughly 10 to 16 network hops from a server in East Texas to get to the “Center of the I.T. Universe” known as (Google’s public DNS Server)?

That’s a lot of hopping and each hop takes time!

For customers at Lennis Design it takes one hop.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what that even means for you. In the world of computers and websites, it means you can be on the fastest, most stable infrastructure commercially available.

When it comes to hardware and infrastructure it’s hard to beat Google. They are the number one site on the internet, and leveraging their resources to offer cloud hosting was a choice I made when I started Lennis Design.

When it comes to taking care of you (my customer), I play to win. I have experience with hardware, bandwidth, power redundancy, infrastructure and eliminating single points of failure. I have slept at work through hurricanes and tropical storms listening to a generator humming along.

By being cloud based, we opt out of the “arms race” of continuously buying hardware, bandwidth, and infrastructure to keep growing. Instead, we grow as we need to (incrementally) using the number one website host (Google) as our partner.

If speed and uptime sounds good to you, give me a call.

“The only winning move is not to play.” – WarGames (1983)