Quit wasting my time on BNI!

What people seem to think when they get invited to visit my BNI Chapter:

  • This is a waste of time
  • I won’t get business from this
  • Robert is just trying to get me to join his club

What they should realize:

  • BNI works and I have the data to prove it (49.4% of my business comes from BNI – updated as of 07/2020) – It dwarfs all of my other referral sources including being a member of 3 chambers of commerce (Hallsville, Kilgore and Longview).
  • BNI Members make the best vendors – Even during the years I wasn’t in BNI, I chose to use companies that believed in “Givers Gain”. I always received higher quality work and accountability without needing to be pushy in the least. BNI Members are consistently the best to do business with and make great trusted advisors.
  • BNI makes me better at my job – Weekly practice talking about my company and our competitive advantages never fail me when I’m in a new situation speaking with someone who asks the question, “What do you do?”.

If I invite you to BNI, it’s a huge compliment and you should be glad I chose to include you in my sales team. I didn’t just pick your name at random so I’m trying to help you build your business!

Don’t waste another second: Come visit my BNI Group and see for yourself!