Separating the Signal from the Noise

Separating the Signal from the NoiseSignal to Noise is defined as “the ratio of the strength of an electrical or other signal carrying information to that of interference, generally expressed in decibels.”

I’m not a music electronics engineer (like my brother), but I like to talk about it in reference to the number of possible choices present vs. thenumber of choices that have a productive impact.

The internet and all of the sites on it provide people with a sea of information and choices, but unfortunately no compass. We do our best to get by using Google (we used to have many different search engines, but now it’s the big 3 – Google, Bing, Yahoo).

You could spend your time looking for possible solutions and eventually you’d come up with something that works.

You could also use a guide to help you make sense of the possibilities, who has been there before and knows what types of pitfalls you should steer clear of.

My service is to guide businesses and individuals to make good choices online that are cost effective and don’t create problems for them in the future. I can’t say we’ll never have problems, but I CAN say I will take measures to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Here are 3 simple things I offer to prevent problems:

1. Separate the content from the technology – Your message is the important part, not the programming. By using industry standard building blocks you not only save money and time, but spend your time focusing on the part that matters – your message to YOUR customer.

2. Infrastructure that scales – By using the Google Cloud, I can spin up practically unlimited computing power across the globe to serve you. Due to the economies of scale you can have this power for a relatively low price. Rather than investing in hardware, bandwidth and power redundancy that always has single points of failure, I’m spending energy working with you to clear up the message you want to send.

3. Quality over Quantity – Less pages with better information give your customers more signal and less noise. At Lennis Design I want to focus on the quality of each and every page rather than arbitrarily creating pages just for the sake of adding billable hours.

Ultimately whether something is signal or noise depends on the person listening. I want to make you and your business the signal.

Contact me and lets get started.

Thanks for reading,

Robert L. Brown
(L is for Lennis)