web design infrastructure is important - there's no telling how long this error has been hurting your businessYou need more than just a great website.  You need support too — 24/7/365!

Imagine this: Your phone rings and it’s one of your customers. They mention trying to get information from your website, but all they saw was an error.

Your heart stops.

You instantly panic and think, “How long have I been down?”

Would you rather have to call a number, wade through numerous voice prompts, sit on indefinite hold, only to finally reach someone half a world away who (as most of us have experienced) treats you like just another number, just another call, just another problem until they can clock out for the day? Maybe they even talk down to you because you’re clueless when it comes to the techy stuff?

Or would you rather work with a local professional who takes pride in providing you and your site with support 24/7/365 with top-notch infrastructure provided through the power of Google Cloud Infrastructure and maintenance services?

With my up-time monitoring, I’ll know about any problems before you notice and make sure you’re back up and running fast.

What does that mean for you?

  • No more lost sales.
  • No more calls on hold with some “other” company.
  • No more frustration over down time!

Many business owners rely on their website as their main point of contact and sales, so a site down is business lost.

When you work with me you’ll get:

  • Up-time monitoring 24/7/365
  • Daily Backups and offsite backups in your personal Google Drive Account
  • Monthly maintenance of service packs, upgrades, etc., of industry standard components
  • Google Cloud Infrastructure – 10gb Internet connection – How is being on Googles network important?
  • Google Apps for Business Email service
  • Industry standard building blocks to be utilized (WordPress CMS, themes, plugins, etc.) with a focus on content quality and standardization rather than proprietary frameworks

And because I’m local, I will even meet you where you are to help answer questions, show you how to manage your site, and much more. That’s a service you can’t find anywhere else with a company half a world away or with one who pretends to be.

Let’s take your website design and support to the next level. Contact me today for your free consultation or call me at (903) 309-0030 to get started!